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The Skin Company

“Our skin is our largest organ. 26 seconds is all it takes for chemicals in the personal care products to enter the blood Stream”.
Fact: the average woman uses an average of 12 skin care products per day. This exposes her to 185 chemicals that may be absorbed into the bloodstream through her skin … every day! – The Environmental Working Group.


The Skin Company is the appointed European distributor of organic luxury Tanning & Personal Care Brands.

Sale channels

Our brand is sold in the professional channels:

  • High-end retail (perfumeries, department stores and lifestyle shops)
  • Beauty salons and skin clinics
  • Bio Stores
  • Hair salons
  • Airlines
Our Values

It is important that the products are developed with the well-being of the consumers in mind. The products are certified organic and/or all natural. It provides a number of guarantees that products meet the strict requirements for wellbeing and safety.

  • Select products that are good for both health and the environment, and at the same time promote an exquisite feeling of luxury and high quality.
  • Strongly encourage values sustainable traditional production methods and ethical business practices.
  • Every single product is carefully considered and tested by us to meet our strict standards of ingredients, quality and effect. We distribute exclusively products that we are proud of and 100% happy with.
Our Commitment

Our partners can therefore be assured that the products are absolutely pure and do not contain the following chemicals commonly used in cosmetics:

  • FREE FROM toxic petrochemicals, phosphates and silicates, synthetic preservatives, perfumes or coloring, LABS, SLS and Betaines, parabens, triclosan, formaldehyde
  • Cruelty-free-never tested on animals
  • pH Balanced and biodegradable


Laouta is a small family business which unites the expertise and long-standing experience in cosmetics, horticulturalism, and chemical engineering, of its founding members. Using 100% natural, locally sourced, vegetarian ingredients, we offer a selection of cold-process soaps, moisturizing oils, balms and other skincare products, inspired by traditional Mediterranean recipes.

The products come in 100% recyclable, biodegradable containers. They do not contain parabens, stabilizers, synthetic dyes, synthetic ingredients, perfumes or preservatives.

The production process does not burden the environment and does not involve animal testing.

Laouta natural products are subject to fair trade rules both in terms of production and final pricing.

Snob Duck Soaps

Everything began…

when a couple of macho ducks started running after me screaming and yelling (in case you don’t know, ducks are the best guards for your property). This was my 5-month routine on my way up to Kalavrita ski resort, where I used to work. I had the same experience once more… This time when I was working in our family olive grove. I’ve had enough. It was time for my payback. 

Since I am a vegetarian and I can only admire animals, including those epic ducks, I decided to make them famous! Put a nice bow tie, clean and fresh, kept this snob-duck evil look and decided to spread the news.

Snob Duck soaps are born. But totally Duck – free 😉 

Ps: Snob Duck soaps do not turn back time, clean your conscience , provide therapies, magic treatments or any other promising stuff.

P’URE Papaya Care

The philosophy behind PURE is simple:

Create products with high quality natural ingredients that work and are genuinely good and effective for the skin.

Our ingredients are of the highest quality (food grade) and have all been purposefully selected for their healing and moisturizing benefits.

You can use PURE products to combat different skin conditions because our formulas replace high quantities of Petroleum, Mineral Oil and Castor Oil with ultra-nourishing natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil.

The hero ingredient is Australian papaya fruit, it’s organically grown natural in tropical parts of Queensland, non GMO (Not Genetically Modified) papaya. Whole papaya is used Skin, fruit and seeds so there is no waste of this wonderful nutrient rich fruit.

PURE’s brand ethos is Natural By Nature, which means a lot to us.

Eco by Sonya

In 2011, Eco Tan – Eco by Sonya made Australian history by becoming the first and only tanning manufacturer to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian government.

Since Day 1, the founder, Sonya has been committed to creating a healthier, animal friendly and environmentally friendly eco range. Eco Tan – Eco by Sonya is a company that is founded on authenticity and transparency, which is why the certifications are SO important.

  • Best Global Organic Beauty Brand 2018
  • Most Outstanding Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand 2018
  • Accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia
  • Accredited by Choose Cruelty Free

Eco Tan – Eco by Sonya ethical brand continues to grow at a rapid rate, as our ‘greener’ and healthier products are made with only natural and organic ingredients and we have never or will never test on animals!


Our Message
Check labels, read ingredients, do your research, practice sun safety and #BewareOfBS

Lip Intimate Care

Our vaginas are self cleansing, but not the vulva. As our vulva has a delicate eco-system with a pH of 5 that should not be disrupted. 

All soaps (even how mild they are claimed to be) contain detergents that dries the skin out and makes it more prone to yeast infections and bacterial imbalance. These issues can start a chronic circle and sometimes it requires a lot to get back into a good balance again.

After many years of research, trials and developed several beauty care recipes for other brands, founder Veronica Campbell, have gathered an extensive amount of knowledge and has become an expert in the field of natural cosmetics and beauty care.

LIP intimate care was born –  A range of organic products that bring love and care to our most intimate areas and beyond… That were truly additive free and natural. 

A brand that is made to celebrate life, my daughter and all the amazing women out there.