Kia Charlotta

Kia Charlotta is 100% vegan, animal-free and free of the 15 most toxic substances in nail polish, based on 100% plant-based solvents. These nail polishes are free of styrene / acrylate copolymer (liquid form of microplastic *). The bottles have a sustainable size of 5 ml so consumers no longer have to throw away dried out product.

Less is more… for you and the planet. Moreover, what makes the nail polish collection even more special is the idea of “Make-up Minimalism”. This concept was implemented throughout the product development cycle. The bottles are designed to create less waste due to a smaller size. Because let’s face it, how often have you completely emptied an entire bottle of nail polish?

Kia Charlotta vegan and natural nail polish remover also conditions your cuticles with nourishing organic jojoba and avocado oils. It keeps your nail strong and healthy. With the pleasant scent of eucalyptus and lemongrass, these pads not only remove your nail polish effectively, your cuticles are cared for but the removers also leave your hands smelling and feeling good. Certified by COSMOS natural.


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