Beach Body Tanning Oil Mastic Spf6


Want to get a deep even tan faster (on vacation) without drying out your skin?
Laouta Natural Beach Body Oil is made from Mastic and Hippophae. This oil is enriched with herbal extracts and nourishing oils that stimulates a deeper tan, moisturizes and protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Result is a faster and longer lasting Tan. No Shimmers!


Laouta Tanning Oil is a tan intensifier that gives the skin an extra and faster tan so you don't have to be in the sun for long to get a nice deep tan.
Tanning oil is enriched with smart herbal extracts and nourishing oils that accelerate the tanning process. This product hydrates and protects the skin from uva and uvb rays.

The eco-bottle is made from sugar cane with an 'I am Green' certification.
- 93% natural
- SPF 6
- Made with pure oils and herbal extracts.



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