Cacao Tanning Mousse


-A light to medium complexion in just 1 to 4 hours!
-Suitable for all skin types

Cacao Tanning Mousse is a self-tanner for face and body, made with only organic and natural ingredients. It provides a beautiful natural complexion within 1 to 4 hours.


Cacao Tanning Tanning Mousse has a wonderful smell of Cacao, no fake-tan smell. It provides a matte bronzed tan, suitable for all skin tones.
Cacao Tanning Mousse contains no synthetic orange dyes or chemical ingredients.
Coffee, blood orange, ginger and tangerine are ingredients that promote skin hydration. The mousse is very easy to apply, does not stick and does not dry out your skin!

This organic self-tanner offers a beautiful, long-lasting color for all skin tones. Whether you want a light, coffee tone or a luxurious, deep bronze, the believable color will develop on the skin over time. You can create your desired depth of color based on how long you let Cacao Tanning Mousse soak onto the skin before showering.
-1h - 4h for light to medium tan
-4h-8h for a medium tan

How to use

-Scrub your face and body with the Exfoliant Glove, best 24-48 hours before use
-Shake bottle with mousse well before use
-Apply Cacao Tanning Mousse generously and evenly with your hands or tanning mitt to clean, dry skin.
-Wash your hands very thoroughly after use.
-Rinse off after 4 hours for a light complexion. Or leave on all night for a deep complexion.

While showering, the water will be slightly discolored but the mousse will continue to work for 48 hours.

To extend the life of your ‘tan’ it is best to moisturize your skin daily with Bodymilk and use a soap-free body wash in the shower, for example the Eco Tan Body Wash.


Organic aloe vera leaf juice*, natural DHA (derived from sugar cane)**, organic ethanol (naturally derived from raw sugar)*, natural decyl glucoside (derived from sugar and coconut)**, organic witch hazel*, natural caramel (derived from sugar)**, organic glycerin (vegetable derived)*, grapefruit**, organic coffee*, organic chamomile*, blood orange oil**, natural perfume (fresh botanical blend)**, grape skin**, Natural cocoa**, organic mandarin oil*, organic ginger oil*, natural caprylyl/caprylic wheat bran (gluten free)**, natural sodium laurroyllactylate (fruit derivative)**, natural fusel wheat bran (gluten free)**, Natural Polyglyceryl-5 Oleate (derived from plant material)**, Natural Sodium Cocoaoyl Glutamate (derived from plant material)**, Natural Glyceryl Caprylate (derived from plant material)**, Citric Acid (derived from citrus fruit)**.
ALL ingredients are *Organic or **Natural

NO harmful chemicals, NO synthetic fragrances, NO animal derivatives, NO synthetic ingredients, NO food dyes, NO PEGS, NO parabens, NO SD alcohol, NO phthalates, NO petrochemicals, NO propylene glycol, NO phenoxyethanol, NO artificial dyes, NO SLS/SLES, NO GMOs, NO formaldehyde, NO aluminum, NO sulfates

Eco Tan – Eco by Sonya products are 100% natural vegan and animal testing free, PETA certified.


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