Complete Tanning Kit


A beautiful tan from head to toe with our complete tanning pack!

Choose between Eco by Sonya award winning self tanners based on your skin tone and desired Tanning result.

A FREE Tan Remover Glove to the value of €14,95



- BASIC Face Tan Water: our award-winning, gradual, liquid self-tanning Face Tan Water is specially made for face, neck and décolleté. In addition, this all-natural and vegan serum toner provides a youthful look and makes your face brighter and more even.

- Invisible Tan: our award-winning best self-tanning lotion/cream is best suited for medium skin types. Invisible Tan Delivers a beautiful, golden glow in one application.
- Winter Skin: our award-winning best gradual gel/lotion is best suited for light to medium skin types. You decide how tanned you want to be, the tan builds up after 1 to 2 applications. Also great for after sun/after spray tan to keep the color longer.
- Cacao Tanning Mousse: our award-winning express, self-tanning mousse provides a beautiful, long-lasting deep bronze color for all skin tones, 1 hour for a light Tan 4 hours+ for a dark Tan.
- Hempitan: A beautiful blend of organic Hemp Cacao and Hyaluron treats the skin and provides a beautiful deep tan. Dries instantly and smells amazing! Does not need to be rinsed out.
- Deluxe Double Sided Tan Applicator Mitt: The perfect partner for ALL our organic self-tanners.The only glove you'll ever need again!

FREE Tan Remover Glove (to the value of EUR14.95)! Exfoliating Glove is the perfect tool to reveal fresh, smooth skin - the perfect base to apply your self-tanners afterwards. For best results, exfoliate your body and face with the Extreme Exfoliant glove 24 hours before applying self-tanners.

TIP: Moisturize your body and face twice daily after tanning with non-greasy lotion/cream to maintain a beautiful even tan.

How to use

It is important to exfoliate your skin 24h-48h before using the self-tanners; it ensures that the tan solution is absorbed into the new and fresh skin cells for a smoother, softer and longer lasting color.

If you choose not to exfoliate before using self-tanners, the skin may start to look drier and flaky or blotchy sooner than usual.

Aftercare: extend the life of the self-tanner by moisturizing the skin twice a day with nourishing lotion such as Coconut Body Milk.



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