Double Sided Tan Applicator Mitt


Luxurious Double-Sided Tan Applicator Mitt.

The perfect partner for all Eco by Sonya organic self-tanners.

– One smooth side for organic self tanning waters; Face Tan Water and Hempitan
– One velvet side for organic creams and mousse; Winter Skin , Invisible Tan & Cacao Tanning mousse


Eco by Sonya luxurious dual sided Tan Applicator Mitt delivers the most even streak free Tan. The dual tanning mitt is made of natural and recyclable fabric and material. Reusable, easy to wash.

- One size
- Professional streak free self tan results
- Reusable, washable

How to use

Apply organic self-tanner directly to dry Mitt and apply to clean dry skin. Rub the mitt over the body in circular motions starting at the ankles, then work upward.

Use velvet side for mousse/creams
Use the smooth side for our brilliant Tanning Waters.

Reusable; place the Mitt in a laundry bag and hand wash. Rinse immediately after use.

For best tanning results, exfoliate with our Tan Remover Glove and Pink Himalaya Salt Scrub 24-48 hours prior to applying self-tanners for streak-free beautifully hydrated sun-kissed skin.


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