Laouta “Bittersweet Almond” Soy Candle


Laouta “Bittersweet Almond” Soy Candle is a handmade candle made from 100% soy wax.

– “Bittersweet Almond” gives off a strong, sweet and bitter almond scent.


A beautiful candle made from 100% soy wax, a wooden wick and a handmade ceramic pot!

And that's not all!

Packed in the most special paper bag, which can be washed and reused!

Tip: Apply a little wax while it burns to moisturize your hands
Tip #2: Use the paper bag as a cosmetics bag!

Why is it better to use a wooden wick instead of a cotton wick?

- A wooden wick soots less than a cotton wick. This is
much better for breathing.
- a better and more constant flame size
- a cotton wick clogs more quickly, making the flame too
- a wooden wick gives off more heat, allowing scented
candles to have a larger diameter/range.


How to use

  • Light the candle only on a flat, fireproof surface.
  • Keep the surface of the candle clear of matches and foreign objects to avoid sharp
  • Do not use water or liquids to extinguish the candle.
  • Always extinguish the wax with a lid. Do not blow on the flame.



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