NEW Shiny Serum


Enjoy your glowing hydrated skin!
Nourishing and antioxidant serum with pearly effect for glowing hydrated skin. Enriched with herbs and natural minerals. Handmade with love for your skin!
Use the serum by itself, under your foundation or mixed with your favorite moisturizer.


- Vitamin C and Sea Buckthorn: The perfect combination for antioxidant benefits and glowing skin. Vitamin C is an ingredient that can be safely said to stimulate collagen production.
- Powerful nourishing and regenerating oil blend: A blend of Oatmeal, Abyssinian oil and Helichrysum flower extract oils deeply nourishes the skin and improves its condition.
- Bio marine collagen: The purest and most effective for rejuvenating skin collagen. Collagen is produced in the skin but the process gradually decreases with age. From the beginning of 30 years your skin begins to lose about 1% per year. The skin of older people is therefore also weaker and thinner than that of younger people.
- Vit D + E + F: Regenerate, nourish and repair the skin
- Squalane: the ultimate ingredient that ensures all the nutrients and vitamins of this rich serum penetrate deep into the skin.

- 98% natural ingredients
- Subtle vanilla & bergamot fragrance from natural extracts


How to use

Suitable for all skin types.
Glowing Shiny Serum but does not make your skin oily. Also suitable for oily skin.

Apply a small amount of serum to your clean face and neck before applying day cream or sunscreen.
Use alone or mix with foundation for a beautiful glowing shiny look.


Aloe, helichrysum, olive oil, abyssinian oil, collagen, oat oil, squalane, mica, D, C, E and F vitamins.
slightly scented with vanilla and bergamot essential oil

98% Natural product, handmade in Greece.
No synthetic dyes or perfumes.


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