Repair and Hydrating Hair & Scalp Oil


Repair | Conditioning | Styling | Finishing Touch | Color Protection
Repair Hair Oil is a must add to your hair care routine. Use as a hair mask, scalp treatment before washing your hair, as a frizz control product or as a finishing touch after styling. Use as a scalp massage oil to restore and keep your scalp healthy. Your hair will smell like Greek summer!
– 100% Natural
– Suitable for all hair types


Our topselling Repair Hair & scalp oil is made with the purest oils.
The natural action of sea buckthorn, olive oil and almond oil provide the ultimate hydrated result. This hair treatment detangles and stimulates shine and makes your hair manageable and smooth.

We do NOT use silicones in our Repair Hair Scalp Oil.
While silicones can be a great ingredient in the short term and provide immediate results for your hair's appearance, products with the wrong kind of silicones can leave hair greasy and dry in the long run. This is because the silicones accumulate on your hair and scalp along with dirt and sebum, while nourishing and moisturizing agents cannot do their job.


How to use

You can use Hair & Scalp Oil as:
– Hair mask & treatment oil for scalp; massage your hair and scalp carefully, leave on all night. The next morning wash your hair as usual
– Add to shampoo and conditioners to extra nourish and strengthen your hair
– Use on the ends of your hair before drying. Your hair is less likely to split and it also provides a protective layer
– Massage your hair before sunbathing and / or swimming to protect your hair color from the sun and chlorine


Sea buckthorn oil, cade, laurel, almond oil, fractionated coconut oil


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