Acqua Alpes AMBER Diffuser Refill

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Acqua Alpes AMBER Diffuser Refill

With this Amber Diffuser refill you can easily replenish your diffuser. Amber has a fine and elegant scent of lemon, cedarwood, cinnamon and amber (ambergris).

  • Warm
  • Cinnamon and amber

Amber Home Fragrance fills the air in any room with a unique, delicate and elegant fragrance. With natural essences of crystal clear water from the mountains of Tyrol and the colorful elegance of the precious Alpine stones, you create a pleasant atmosphere. Fragrance notes of cinnamon and amber give a feeling of a warm sun in the Alps. Lemon and rose give the fragrance a unique freshness.

The warmth of this fragrance will be a pleasant welcome for you and all your guests. With cozy lights and cards on on the couch under a blanket, this fragrance will contribute to your ultimate relaxation after a busy day.


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