MIMS Gummy Vitamins Immune Support Adult DISPLAY

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MIMS Gummy Vitamins Immune Support Adult DISPLAY

Increase sales with MIMS Retail Display for store/salon. Display includes 10 week bag. 1 bag contains 7×5 gummies vitamins, good for 7 days of tasty gymmy vitamins for only €4.99 for the customer!
It is easy for the customer to take 1 bag when you have this display at the checkout.

Protects your health from within, ensures a healthy immune system.

CONTENTS: 7 bags, 5 gummies per bag.
TASTE: Citrus flavour, orange and lemon.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: With Vitamins C, D and Zinc to help the body's defenses be ready and strong. These delicious gummies are FREE OF sugars, gluten, fat, lactose, preservatives and artificial colors! MIMS is the perfect substitute for an unhealthy snack.


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