Touchland Kub Premium + 1 Refill

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Touchland Kub Premium + 1 Refill

Kub Premium is the most elegant dispenser that combines design, smart technology and premium formulation to provide the most unique hand hygiene experience. Kub Premium fits stylishly into any environment and has two battery options: lithium ion (recommended for home use) and type D (recommended for business use).

Guaranteed good for 2000 washes. Download Touchland App to be informed at a glance of the number of consumption and when you need to order the refill (Refeel) again.

Kub Premium comes with 1 REFILL cartridges

REFILL high quality moisturizing hand sanitizer solution contains aloe vera, essential oils and other high quality natural ingredients along with denatured ethyl alcohol to kill germs without making hands dry or sticky.
and is available in Jet Black color and has two battery options: lithium ion (recommended for home use) and type D (recommended for business use).

A unique drawer design and keyed access security lock prevents children from playing with the device and ensures that only those you grant access can access the cartridge.
-Dermatologically tested.
-Kills 99.99% of the most harmful germs.
- Quick evaporation, no sticky residue, no alcohol odors.
-Vegan, Animal Test-free and Gluten-free
-2000 sprays. 20 times more use than traditional gel sanitizers.


Specification Touchland App Low maintenance due to smart technology -Each Kub or Kub Premium checks itself for required refills and battery life; communicate directly with Touchland HQ. -Your Kub or Kub Premium will alert you when you need to top up or recharge batteries. -Any hardware or software issues can be reported to Touchland through the app for suggested replacement or repair. -App can monitor up to 100 dispensers, while the website platform can monitor up to 20,000 dispensers –A seamless solution for small to large businesses.

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