About us

“Our skin is our largest organ, 26 seconds is enough to get chemicals in the care products into the bloodstream”.
Fact: The average woman uses an average of 12 skin care products per day. This exposes her to 185 chemicals that may be absorbed into the bloodstream through her skin… every day! – The Environmental Working Group.

Many of the chemicals we are exposed to through skin care, personal care and cosmetics products are linked to:
-Skin allergies & irritations
-Hormonal disturbances & imbalance
-Abnormal cell formation
-Reduced immunity & liver function
Reason enough for us to switch to natural skin care products.

The Skin Company quickly developed from a start-up to a successful distribution company. Our retailers include skin care centers, spas, perfumeries, pharmacies, organic beauty shops and wellness facilities.

-Choose luxury and exceptional products that are good for both health and the environment.
- Exceptional product integrity is an important criterion for us. That is why we only choose the most effective, affordable and unique quality products without unnecessary additives.
-The products consist exclusively of the most carefully chosen compositions of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and oils.
-Each product has been carefully considered and tested to meet strict standards. We only distribute products that we are proud of and that we are 100% happy with.

-It is important that the products are developed with a view to the well-being of the consumer. The products are natural, sustainable and organic.
NEVER tested on animals