Strengthening and Nourishing Beard Oil


The condition of the skin underneath your beard is crutial for for the growth of your beard. A good quality beard oil also prevent dry and plit ends. Laouta Beard Oils is Cleverly blended with the most purest oils for Strengthening and nourishing your beard with the beautiful scent of cardamom and helichrysum. Designed to smooth even the roughest beard. The Beard Oil also has a soft scent of grapefruit peel and cedar wood.


Beard oil softens your beard, and prevents split ends. However, its main function is to moisturize and care for the skin under your beard. This prevents skin irritation, helps against dandruff and also gives your beard a nice smell.

How to use

Sprinkle a few drops on your finger tips. Massage thoroughly into the skin under your beard.
Ensure an even distribution and continue to massage the roots of your beard hair firmly.

Does your beard initially lose its shape? Don’t panic, this is a sign that you are doing well. When you have finished skin massage, model your beard by hand or comb again by distributing the last scraps of oil over the beard hair.


Olive oil, helichrysum, sage, avocado, almond oil, coconut fractionated, slightly scented with grapefruit peel, cedar wood and cardamom

100% Natural product.
No synthetic colors, perfumes or preservatives


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