Nothing you apply will be absorbed well if you don't exfoliate!

Exfoliating is important to remove dead skin cells, after which your skin will shine again and feel softer. In addition, the production of new skin cells is also accelerated and blood circulation is improved, which slows down the skin aging process.

How often to exfoliate?
Do not scrub daily. About twice a week is sufficient. If you have sensitive skin, it's best to stick to once a week. Always massage the scrub gently on your skin, especially your face is vulnerable. The body skin is thicker, so you can scrub a little harder.

Salt or Sugar?
Sea salt
has large grains with sharp edges. As a result, salt scrubs are considered abrasive and therefore not really suitable for sensitive skin. And don't scrub your face with salt.

unrefined sugar are used to make scrub. Sugar granules are perfectly round in shape. They remove the dead skin cells without being too hard on it. Raw sugar is high in glycolic acid, which has regenerating properties for your skin. Glycolic acid is a common ingredient in skin care and anti-aging products as it reduces wrinkles, repairs and moisturizes the skin, and helps protect the skin from toxins.

What Happens If You Exfoliate Too Much?
Over-exfoliating is a thing! Exfoliating your skin too much will also dry out your skin too much. You cannot achieve the glow by over-exfoliating. Therefore, choosing the right product for your skin type is very important. If you notice that your skin feels dry after exfoliating, looks dull, irritated, then you are definitely exfoliating too much and you haven't chosen the right product for your skin.

And don't forget to exfoliate your lips and feet. If your lips start to peel from sunburn or the freezing cold, choose a gentle sugar scrub with pure oils that gently removes dead skin while soothing sensitive skin.

Feet tend to accumulate dry patches of skin more than anywhere else on the body. Calluses, cracks or unkempt skin, your feet deserve extra attention. Use a gentle scrub with salt or sugar and rub the spots gently until they are gone. Then use a soothing foot cream in the evening to protect your skin.