Laouta Sunrise Glow

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Laouta Sunrise Glow

Summer is here! Sunrise Glow is a must-have for beautiful sultry summer evenings. The chic scent of BERGAMOT & VANILLA as you know from our Winter Glow is now enriched with a Peachy Rose!

Summer Glow is the ultimate DRY moisturizing oil with a rich blend of nourishing oils. Sunrise Glow provides deep hydration and gives the skin a subtle rose-gold porcelain sheen.

Gives instant "life" to dull and dry skin. Laouta Sunrise Glow instantly reveals radiant skin. This dry oil contains a rich blend of nourishing oils with a sensual scent of bergamot and vanilla with a hint of peachy rose. Your skin will feel hydrated and look great again with a natural pearlescent rose gold shimmer for that summer evening...

- Helichrysum bloemolie: Helichrysum has many benefits for the skin. It can be used to promote healthy skin, cell regeneration and radiance.
- Powerful moisturizing blend: olive oil, almond oil and apricot oil is a powerful hydrating blend of natural oils to intensely hydrate the skin without feeling heavy.
- Bergamot: soothing benefits and helps balance oily skin.


Helichrysum, olive oil, almond oil, coconut fractionated, apricot oil, avocando oil,mica. slightly scented with bergamot, vanilla and rose. 99% Natural product, handmade in Greece ​No synthetic colors, preservatives.

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Use as often as you like. Suitable to use on both wet or dry skin. Shake well before use! Also suitable for mixing with day cream such as GLOW Primer or highlight.