NEW! LE BEACH Essential Tan Pack

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This Essential Tan Pack from LE BEACH contains;

  • 1 x Tantasy Drops 50ML en
  • 1 x Exfoliant glove

Tantasy drops 

Simply add a few drops to your face cream or body lotion and There you go: it looks like you just came back from a beach holiday. Tantasy Drops provide a sun-kissed tan all year round without the harmful effects of the sun. A clever mix of DHA and Erythrulose Tantasy Drops is more natural, because the combination of DHA/Erythrulose gives a slightly different shade than DHA alone. It can give a warmer tone to the final sunless tan.

The addition of Aloe Barbadensis extract (Aloe Vera) to Tantasy Drops offers a multitude of skin benefits, from eczema flare-ups to sunburn and minor abrasions.
Aloe Vera contains antibacterial and collagen-boosting properties. After application, skin is hydrated and nourished and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the appearance of blemishes and soothe flare-ups resulting from drying skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

  • 97.8% Natural
  • Vegan
  • Handmade

Exfoliant glove

The new generation LE BEACH Exfoliant Glove has a double layer and is much more comfortable to use.
Made with 200D thread count for best results.

LE BEACH Exfoliant Glove is your most durable & luxurious with perfect thread-count glove ever! Designed to be used wet or dry for all skin types.
- Removes dead, dry skin
- Prevents ingrown hairs
- Improves blood circulation
- Fights Keratosis Pilaris (also called 'chicken skin')
- Helps remove self-tanner build-up
- Provides silky smooth skin
- Reduces pimples

Tip: Do you want to remove the best and fastest self-tanner and/or spray tan? Use LE BEACH Exfoliant Glove together with Sugar Skin Polish to gently exfoliate your skin. Then let the Sugar Skin Polish work on your skin for a while and then rinse.


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